Brigit Störm's debut album is coming out soon.


'I sang you to sleep
every night'

Brigit Störm is a musician, singer-songwriter, record producer and visual artist based in Vienna, Austria. Her works can be best described as minimalistic in their visuals, but maximalistic musically. Brigit's love for cinematography and other non-musical forms of art has a strong influence on her musical projects - they are often composed with certain imaginary pictures or chimerical scenes in mind, almost as if they were short soundtracks for non-existent movies. In the past Brigit worked as a composer and scriptwriter for musicals played by local theatre groups in Silesia (where she was born), art directed many visual projects and in her spare time produced records as a hobby. In the years 2018-2019 she worked on her debut album 'Prophet', which is soon to be released. She works and performs live with a band consisting of 3 members - Julia Pełeszuk, Beniamin Strączek & Robert Mitko.


What is 'Prophet' about?

'Prophet' is a lyrical statement - it reflects the fear of the future, of the unstoppable passing of time. Likewise, it symbolizes the determination to remain true to oneself, no matter what others think. However, time and integrity are not the only motifs of the album. 'Prophet' also deals with the conflicting emotions, insecurities and consequences of the not-too-sober decisions that Brigit faces, just like any other soon to be twenty-year-old. She feels like a prophet, who is not only telling her own fortune, but also has the power to change it.

Sonically 'Prophet' is rich in textures and ambient, atmospheric sounds. The album is melodically soothing and unpredictable in its form. The fullness of sound on the record feels like standing in a big, mysterious cathedral, listening to echoes singing their songs.

And the line on her face?

The particular make-up Brigit wears can have multiple meanings. The dark side and the bright side of the human soul. The mind and the body. The inner division. However, for the artist herself it is a protest against the world trying to make young women follow the rules about what they are expected to look like. Brigit has asymmetrical facial features, but she refuses to use make-up to disguise them - she turns the standard idea of masking imperfections on its head by embracing and enhancing her flaws. It purports to be a non-symmetry line.

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Brigit is always ready for new challenges, so do not hesitate to get in touch.